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Scandinavian ChemoTechs medgrundare Professor em. Bertil RR Persson har nyligen fått sin bok om elektroporation utgiven

ChemoTech vill gratulera Bertil RR Persson, forskare och en av våra medgrundare, till publiceringen av hans senaste bok ”Electro-pulse-enhanced cancer therapy”.

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Scandinavian ChemoTech’s CEO blir intervjuad av Erik Penser Bank

I förra veckan intervjuade Erik Penser Bank vår CEO Mohan Frick och här kan ni se intervjun i sin helhet:

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Scandinavian ChemoTech ingår avtal med Erik Penser Bank om bevakning av bolaget i form av uppdragsanalyser

Scandinavian ChemoTech AB (publ) har ingått ett avtal med Erik Penser Bank AB om att erhålla tjänsten, Penser Access, där skriftliga analysrapporter är den centrala delen av tjänsten.

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News & Press Releases English

Scandinavian ChemoTech enters into an agreement with Erik Penser Bank to monitor the company in the form of assignment analyses

Scandinavian ChemoTech AB (publ) has entered into an agreement with Erik Penser Bank AB to receive the service, Penser Access, where written analysis reports are the central part of the service.

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Scandinavian ChemoTech AB receives final injunction on EU patent for its technology platform for dynamic electroporation

ChemoTech has received a 71(3), also called final injunction, from the European Patent Office, which announces that one of the company's European patent applications will be approved.

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Scandinavian ChemoTech initiates the collaboration with Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG)

After a successful training and certification of doctors and nurses at HCG Cancer Centre in Bengaluru in India, the team treated its first patient after the lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Chemotech Videos

Erik Penser Bank interview with CEO Mohan Frick (Swedish)

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Company Presentation (Swedish) 27th of October 2020

Share Day in Gothenburg, November 4 2019

Share Day in Malmö on May 22, 2018

Share analysis ChemoTech Q2 2018

Our foundation

Our profound knowledge in Electroporation forms the starting point for the company’s existing product and R&D projects : IQwave™ specially desinged for both Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Chemotherapy and the first generation Electrochemotherpy for the treatment of a range of different types of tumors.

Our research focus

Our aim is to document the effects of elctrochemotherapy for pain management for cancer patients, an area with significant unmet medical need.