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ChemoTech has a very competent management and Board of Directors with extensive expertise and substantial experience of medical research and clinical work, as well as of the international healthcare industry.

Mohan Frick

CEO and Founder

Born 1974. Member of the Board of Directors and CEO since 2015.

Not independent in relation to the Company and, being the Company´s largest shareholder, not independent in relation to major shareholders.

Education and experience: BA, Marketing, Management, Lund University. 20 years’ experience as market manager, sales manager and Board member of life science companies. Has among other things held positions in Arjo AB, Getinge, Navigator Communications, Insulution AB, OnMeD and SYSMEX.

Current assignments: Chairman of Scandinavian MediTech (Indian subsidiary), Fricks Property & Equity Invest AB.

Previous assignments (last five years): Member of the Board of Directors of Insulution AB 2009-2011, Onmed International 2012-March 2013, Onmed India Private Limited 2011-June 2014. Member of the Advisory Board for Billion Minds Foundation 2009-2014.

Mohan Frick holds 1 065 000 A-shares, 1 098 084 B-shares, direct or via company.

Rolf Ehrnström

Member of the Board of Directors

Born 1953. Member of the Board of Directors since 2020.

Independent of the Company and independent of major shareholders.

Education and experience: Royal Institute of Technology; M.Sc. in Biochemistry & Biotechnology. Extensive experience from Life Science Industry. Scientific and Product Development management roles in LKB/Pharmacia Biotech/Amersham-Pharmacia Biotech. Co-founder and VP R&D of Gyros AB, CVP/CSO of Dako-Agilent A/S, Boardmember of Biomonitor A/S.

Current assignments: Boardmember of APLEX bio AB, Boardmember of Lynsight Diagnostics Oy, Boardmember of Gradientech AB, Boardmember of Fluimedix A/S, CEO and owner of Reomics AB, Partner in Ventac Partners

Previous assignments (last five years): CSO Immunovia AB, Boardmember SAGA Diagnostics AB

Rolf Ehrnström holds 72,617 B-shares direct or via company.

Robin Sukhia

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Born 1973. Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2020

Independent of the Company and independent of major shareholders.

Education and experience: B.Sc. in Business Administration from the State University of New York. Robin Sukhia has worked with India since 1996. Through a Swedish Venture Capital firm, he was one of the pioneers in northern Europe to invest in India. He has held board positions in India and Sweden since 2005.

Current assignments:  Secretary General and CEO of the Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC) since 2005, which he has built to become one of the most active and prominent bilateral business councils in the world. He has co-founded several new initiatives in SIBC, including a think-tank. He runs the secretariat to ISBLRT – India Sweden Business Leaders’ Roundtable, which carries nearly 40 of the most senior CEOs and Chairs in Sweden. He also sits on the Investment Committee of the AI and Robotics Park (ARTPARK) Innovation program, housed at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, India.

Previous assignments: Special Advisor at Risk Mitigation firm Vesper Group, Sweden’s primary company advising corporates on security and protection in high-risk countries.


Robin Sukhia holds 61,000 B-shares.

Eva Ståhl Wernersson

QM/RA Director

Born 1959. Management since 2021.

Education and experience: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and PhD at Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. More than 30 years of experience from medical devices, Biotech, electrical-mechanical products and chemical processes in roles such as Director Environmental Laboratory, Quality Director, and QA/RA specialist consultant. She has held positions in Pharmiva AB, Camurus AB, GS-development (Sandberg development) and now has her own consulting business Astrad AB.

Eva Ståhl Wernersson holds 35,714 B-shares.

Bengt Engström

Member of the Board of Directors

Born 1953. Member of the Board of Directors since 2020.

Independent of the Company and independent of major shareholders.

Education and experience: Degree from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Formerly President Whirlpool Europe, CEO Duni AB, President Fujitsu Nordic and Director at Bofors AB.

Current assignments: Chairman of QleanAir AB and Nordic Flanges AB. Board member of Directors of Bure Equity AB, Scanfil OY, ScandiNova Systems AB, KTH Executive School AB, Real Holding AB. CEO of BEngström AB and BEngström Förvaltning AB.

Previous assignments (last five years): Opticos AB, Scandinavian Executive AB, Advania AB, Prevas AB, Crem International AB, Chambers Group AB, Scanfil Sweden AB and Partnertech AB.

Bengt Engström holds 529,400 B-shares via company.

Ann Ohlsson

Head of Finance

Born 1966. Management since 2020.

Education and experience: Studies in economics at Lund University and Malmö University. 35 years of experience, in various positions within finance departments in several companies of various sizes, for example, Safegate International AB, KPMG and Accountor. Experience as a consultant from, amongst others, Massive Entertainment and Modity Energy Trading via own company.

Current assignments: Part owner and chairman of the board Rönneholm Management AB

Ann Ohlsson holds 10,000 B-shares.

Suhail Mufti

Medical Director

Born 1974. Management since 2022.

Education and experience: Medical graduation from the Government Medical College, Srinagar. He completed his Pathology residency at the National Board of Examinations and Translational Medicine training at the University of Edinburgh.

Current assignments: Academic Director at the James Lind Institute in Switzerland.

Previous assignments (last five years): Senior Director & Head of Clinical Development at Piramal Enterprises NCE Research, Associate Director for Life Sciences at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Vice President for R&D at Venus Medicine Research Centre, and the Director for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics at HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG Oncology).

Holds 0 shares in the Company.

Nicolas Pepin

Member of the Board of Directors

Born 1969. Member of the Board of Directors since 2023.

Not independent in relation to the Company but independent of major shareholders.

Education & Experience: Bachelor degree in Business Administration (Marketing), University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, Canada. 30 year’s seasoned expert in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Consumer Healthcare, with experience across multiple regions worldwide.

Current Assignment:  Retired and presently on no other Board position.

Previous Assignment: 15 years at Abbott Laboratories, a diversified Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices & Nutrition company, where he held several Senior Management positions such as General Manager, Director International Marketing & Commercial Director.

Holds 0 shares in the Company.