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ChemoTech – innovator in gentle cancer treatment and effective pain management

ChemoTech is a Scandinavian Company based at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The Company’s founders have extensive experience of cancer treatment through surgical oncology and clinical development. The Company is dedicated to using its unique patented know-how to develop innovation in cancer care through genuine research and clinical trials.

Launching the IQwave™

Following extensive research and development, ChemoTech launched the IQwave™ – TSE (Tumour Specific Electroporation) with gentle yet effective and flexible treatment capabilities for a wide range of tumours. IQwave™ has been developed to achieve positive clinical outcomes on a level previously not possible.  Read more»

Next steps

The next step for ChemoTech is to amongst other expand its product portfolio into effective pain management for cancer patients.

Established distribution

ChemoTech has established distribution channels and a network of key opinion leaders within the human medicine business area mainly in the markets of the Middle East, Asia, India and Africa and currently has distributor agreements in the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Kenya, Nigeria and Ukraine.

Our heart and soul

By being devoted to clinical development and scientific excellence, ChemoTech aspires to be a force for better cancer care and effective pain management. Our aim is to always deliver cost and treatment-efficient technologies that improve the quality of life of those suffering from cancer, and their loved ones.

Our vision is to develop therapies for tomorrow and make them accessible to cancer patients where other treatments – for financial or medical reasons – are not available, or where the side effects are too severe. To achieve this, our strategy is to further develop our technology to make it more effective, easier to use, better adapted to clinical environments and suitable for treatment of a wider spectrum of illnesses and conditions.

What we believe

Many medical technical companies focus on science and clinical outcomes but put less emphasis on the cost for the healthcare sector. At ChemoTech, we want to address both these issues. We believe that it is possible to provide cancer treatment and pain management with a solid scientific base and excellent clinical outcomes that are cost-efficient enough to be made available to all those who need them.

Strategic development

By using the global cancer epidemic as a strategic point of departure when developing our products, we want to adapt our unique method to ensure that it can excel both clinically and financially in countries where access to modern cancer treatment is limited. At ChemoTech, we are also developing treatment methods and pain management for indications where existing therapies often fail or are associated with great suffering or lifelong side effects.