Jonathan Furelid

Head of Investor Relations

Born 1977 Education and experience: M.Sc. in Business Administration, Linköping University. Courses passed with distinction at Berghs School of Communication. Investment Analyst at RPM, Risk and Portfolio Management, Financial Communication Consultant at Laika Consulting, Communications Consultant (self-employed)  

Suhail Mufti

Medical Director

Born 1974. Education and experience: Medical graduation from the Government Medical College, Srinagar. He completed his Pathology residency at the National Board of Examinations and Translational Medicine training at the University of Edinburgh. Current assignments: Academic Director at the James Lind Institute in Switzerland. Previous assignments (last five years): Senior Director & Head of Clinical…

Ann Ohlsson

Head of Finance

Born 1966. Education and experience: Studies in economics at Lund University and Malmö University. 35 years of experience, from various positions within finance departments in several companies of various sizes, for example Safegate International AB, KPMG and Accountor. Also experiences as a consultant, amongst others, Massive Entertainment and Modity Energy Trading via own company. Current…

Eva Ståhl Wernersson

QM/RA Director

Born 1959. Education and experience: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and PhD at Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. More than 30 years of experience from medical devices, Biotech, electrical-mechanical products and chemical processes in roles such as Director Environmental Laboratory, Quality Director, and QA/RA specialist consultant. She has held positions in Pharmiva AB, Camurus AB, GS-development…

Mohan Frick

CEO and Founder

Born 1974. Member of the Board of Directors and CEO since 2015. Not independent in relation to the Company and, being the Company´s largest shareholder, not independent in relation to major shareholders. Education and experience: BA, Marketing, Management, Lund University. 20 years’ experience as market manager, sales manager and Board member of life science companies. Has…